Terms of use

Visionary Access, Inc. and related entities ("Visionary") conduct limited due diligence on all of the Opt-In Members and Paying Clients involved in its Network. Each Network Participant (including investment bankers, issuers and investors) takes full responsibility for the business transactions in which they participate and must perform their own due diligence, Patriot Act and any other checks, prior to any investment or strategic decision. Each Network Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Visionary Access and waives all Visionary liability from any and all claims.

In certain instances, Visionary acts as an investor relations consultant arranging meetings across the Visionary Network and supports the exchange of feedback between participants after each meeting. At this time, Visionary is not soliciting securities transactions, nor is it earning compensation based on the success of capital raising activities across the Visionary Network. Visionary encourages inquiry about its process directed to contact@visionary.is